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We grassify things with real grass. Our grass has grassifed all sorts of amazing things in interesting places. Check out the latest thing we've done:

Lounging around at the Event Production Show

Event Production Show 2014Visitors were invited to recline on a real grass chaise longue at this year’s Event Production Show, created by the team from Wow!Grass!  an amazing example of how real grass can bring that Wow! factor to an event.

Before we came along now one would have believed how easy it could be to put real grass in places you don’t usually find it. We roll it out for you and roll it back up when you’re finished with it. There is no soil or mess to deal with and the grass is flexible so it can go up walls, across ceilings and around most things you can imagine.

Real grass at your events is lovely. The grass is soft and green and the smell is evocative, sensuous and memorable. It brings a little of the outdoors indoors. It delights and wows in equal measure.

Our clients get a big impact.

We’re called Wow!Grass! Because that is what people always say.

Our grass wizards like a challenge and would be delighted to help make your event grasstastic! Call Caroline today on 01904 448675 or let us know your thoughts on the form below.

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